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Tips for a Better Communication With a Dementia Patient

Tips for a Better Communication With a Dementia Patient

One of the biggest frustrations family caregivers have is not being able to communicate properly with an aging loved one with dementia. Not only does the lack of proper communication impede care, but it also hinders the formation of a good relationship between the caregiver and the recipient of care.

Fortunately, there are ways to overcome this. Here are some tips to improve your communication while you provide personal care to your aging loved one.

  • Talk in an environment that is comfortable, quiet, and distraction-free
  • Speak simply and use a calm and friendly voice. Use gestures if possible, to add visual cues to what you’re saying.
  • Keep things as straightforward as possible. Avoid doing a conversation with multiple topics.
  • Allow them time to process what you said, instead of immediately jumping in to fill the silence.
  • Know that there are times when it’ll be difficult to communicate no matter how hard you try. Just enjoy the good times and do your best during the hard times.

If you need help in caring for an aging loved one with dementia, our home care in Murfreesboro, Tennessee is glad to help. We pride ourselves on providing high-quality care services that are designed to help our care recipients thrive even in their old age.

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