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Preventing Wandering Behaviors in Aging Loved Ones

Preventing Wandering Behaviors in Aging Loved Ones

Wandering is one of the most dangerous behaviors often associated with seniors who have Alzheimer’s or dementia. When a disoriented senior wanders outside, you never know what the outcome will be.

For caregivers providing companionship in Tennessee, wandering is a huge source of anxiety. You can never truly watch another human being every single second of the day. However, there are steps you can take to ensure that wandering behaviors are minimized even if you aren’t glued to your care recipient 24/7.

  • Know which times of the day your loved one is most prone to wandering and keep that in mind.
  • Structure a routine and follow it. Also, ensure that all their basic needs such as thirst, hunger, or toileting, are met.
  • Consider using trackers and installing alarms and locks in your home. Make sure that your loved one has their ID with them at all times.
  • Notify your neighbors or your community about your loved one’s tendency to wander.
  • Considering getting an experienced provider of home care in Murfreesboro, Tennessee.

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