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Hypothermia Safety Tips for Seniors in Cold Weather

Hypothermia Safety Tips for Seniors in Cold Weather

Aging comes with benefits, but it also comes with drawbacks. One of these drawbacks is that seniors lose body heat much faster than their younger counterparts. So in cold weather, seniors are more susceptible to hypothermia.

What’s hypothermia, you ask? Well, hypothermia is what happens when the body’s temperature drops. When this happens, seniors are at risk of getting a heart attack, kidney and liver damage, or even something worse. What’s more, because seniors cannot regulate their body temperature as well, they don’t even realize they’re losing heat very quickly.

To keep your aging loved ones safe from hypothermia, here’s what you should do.

  • Make sure to winter-proof their homes, so it doesn’t lose heat.
  • Keep the indoor temperature at least around 68 Fahrenheit.
  • Remind them to dress in layers even when they’re indoors.
  • Advise them to stay indoors or not to stay out for too long.
  • Get personal care for your loved one so someone can assist them.

Aside from these, it’s also essential to discuss what to do when the weather turns severe. For this, having an experienced caregiver with them is beneficial. Not only can they provide companionship in Tennessee, but they can also make sure that your loved one stays safe.

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