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How to Fall-Proof Your Senior Loved One’s Home

How to Fall-Proof Your Senior Loved One’s Home

Falls are the number one cause of injuries among seniors in the United States. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, one-third of senior Americans fall each year—causing more than 700,000 hospitalizations and over 2.5 million emergency room visits annually.

Are you concerned about your loved one’s risk of falling at home? With some simple adjustments, our home care in Murfreesboro, Tennessee guarantees that you can make their home a much safer place.

Here are suggestions from our personal care experts:

  • Make sure their home is easy to navigate.
    Their furniture should be arranged in a way that gives enough space for your loved one to move around. You should also see to it that the items they use regularly are easily accessible.
  • Do not forget floor traction.
    Throw rugs can make your loved one slip. But if they insist on having rugs around the house, choose the non-slip variety. Another way to give your senior more traction inside the house is by securing carpets to the floor and using anchored carpets to cover hardwood.
  • Keep the stair area secured.
    Every set of stairs in your loved one’s home should have at least two railings. Also, add non-slip adhesive strips to the stairs. We cannot stress the importance of this enough since staircase and stairway accidents are a leading cause of accidental injury.
  • Improve bathroom safety.
    Bathrooms can cause all kinds of accidents. A lot of falls happen in bathrooms. With this in mind, install grab bars in the toilet, shower, and bathtub to promote your loved one’s safety in the bathroom.

Attentive Home Care Solutions is here to keep your loved one safe at all times. This includes helping them avoid falls. For more information about our home care and companionship in Tennessee, please call us.

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