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Cold Weather Precautions for Seniors With Alzheimer’s

Cold Weather Precautions for Seniors With Alzheimer's

For seniors with dementia, the cold season can be quite dangerous – especially if precautions aren’t put in place. During the cold season, seniors tend to be at higher risk of contracting hypothermia and other cold weather-related illnesses. So before the temperature drastically drops, here are some precautions you can take to help your aging loved ones dementia stay safe when the freezing weather comes.

  • Know all you can about hypothermia, especially its signs and symptoms.
    This is very important as seniors with dementia often cannot detect temperature changes. So even when they’re freezing, they might not know it. Leaning about hypothermia symptoms can help you detect it early and prevent major accidents.
  • Have a plan in action set for when your aging loved one wanders.
    Wandering for seniors with dementia is already dangerous. But it’s doubly so when wandering happens in cold seasons. Sew an identification tag on their clothes or let them wear an ID at all times. You can also rely on personal care, so your loved one always has someone with them.
  • Be wary and prepare for seasonal affective disorders or SAD.
    The decreased sunlight during the cold season can increase dementia symptoms such as confusion, anxiety, and moodiness. To avoid this, consider light therapy and companionship in Tennessee as they can both boost moods in seniors.

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